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Wallet Integration

API controllable wallet management system ready to be integrated with your own platform.

Wallet Types

Besides Aegis Multisig Vault which is usually used for standard crypto custody, we also have two other wallet types available for the 4,000+ tokens we support in our system. It’s up to the client to decide how they’d like to combine the wallet types and leverage our system to best fit with custom use cases.

Deposit Wallet

  • Could generate up to 300,000 virtual addresses per wallet for receiving deposits from different addresses.
  • All collected deposits will be pooled together and sent to designated wallets – could be Vault and/or Withdrawal wallet(s).
  • Policy for deposit collection can be configured to optimize on-chain fees.

Withdrawal Wallet

  • Could be seen as “hot” wallet since it could be controlled directly by API calls.
  • Each withdrawal wallet has its own API secret & token, and the client who has this information would be able to make withdrawal requests via APIs.
  • Additional configuration is required to enhance the
Use Case Example

We facilitate different client use cases and enable B2B2C business models to be achieved under a custodial structure. Here are a few examples implemented by our clients:

Client Example

Here are some examples of our client types that have benefited from our wallet management technology.

Asset Managers

using Deposit wallets to collect funds from multiple clients, and delegating received funds using Vault wallets.

Trading Platforms

using Deposit and Withdrawal wallets as integrated, secure wallet management system for trading.


using Deposit and Withdrawal wallets as payment gateway, and using Vault to securely store the majority of received funds.

Crypto Exchanges

using Deposit, Vault, and Withdrawal wallets as integrated, secure wallet management system.

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