Qualified Custodian





Fiat ↔︎ Crypto

OTC and automated fiat on/off ramping services built for institutions under a custodial structure.

Effortless OTC Conversion

Aegis collaborates with reliable partners to provide our clients safe and efficient fiat on/off ramping services. We safeguard both your fiat and cryptocurrencies during the process to make sure every step is custodial.

Eligible Clients

Clients who wish to use our fiat on/off ramping services will need to become Aegis’ custody clients first by submitting required onboarding materials and meeting our due diligence criteria.

Fiat Currencies

We accept any fiat currencies. Received currencies will be converted into US Dollars through our partner banks. Aegis used US Dollars for crypto conversions.


Aegis works with reliable service providers for converting fiat into cryptocurrencies. The converted cryptocurrencies will be sent to the custodial wallet(s) you have with us.

Looking For An Integrable Solution?

We’ve built an automated fiat ↔︎ crypto platform which can be integrated with different services/platforms for them to redirect their end users to AegisRamp for fiat on/off ramping activities.

Compliant & Intuitive

Designed with compliance, user-friendliness and flexibilities, our platform is ready to be connected with your own platform/product through effortless integration to provide seamless fiat on/off ramping services for your end users!


All users, regardless of sources, will need to pass Aegis’ KYC/AML screenings in order to be eligible for using the conversion services.


All approved users need to add bank account(s), debit/credit card(s) and wallet(s) to the whitelist before initiating any deposit/withdrawal requests.


Currently supports USD↔︎USDC conversion at 1:1 rate. More available conversion pairs are coming soon.


Currently accepts USD deposits via bank wires and debit/credit card payments, and USDC deposits available on 8 blockchains. ACH support is on the roadmap.


Currently accepts USD withdrawals via bank wires, and USDC withdrawals available on 8 blockchains.


Ready APIs to integrate AegisRamp to your own platform to facilitate your business model and offer custodial fiat on/off ramping services to your end users!

Enjoy Frictionless Conversion
Become our custody client and enjoy fiat on/off ramping services under a safe and custodial structure.