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Qualified Custodian for Web3

Who We Are

Aegis Trust offers end-to-end custody solutions for Web3 on-chain transactions, including DeFi, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Taking a client-centric approach, we go above and beyond to understand our customers needs, wants and pain points so that we can consistently offer innovative services catered to specific industry needs.

As a qualified custodian regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking, Aegis Trust is held to institutional-grade security and governance standards, and offers the safeguards needed to protect client digital assets.



Liquid Staking



Digital Assets & Fiat

What We Offer

Aegis Trust offers custodial and staking services for institutions such as asset management firms, family offices, and token foundations.

In addition to safeguarding digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, we are one of a few qualified custodians to focus on digital assets that are authenticated using blockchain technology; specifically, NFTs and Asset Backed Tokens (ABTs).

Our Solution

We pride ourselves on offering top-level custody services while maintaining a seamless user experience that goes beyond expectations. Our hybrid custody solution combines private key management with multi-signature approval using hardware authentication to ensure that no single party nor individual can make unauthorized transactions.

Our holistic suite of custody solutions includes market-leading staking coverage and liquid staking, offered by staking provider partners selected from a strict vetting process.

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A Qualified Custodian You Can Trust

Aegis Trust does not create tokens supported by assets that are held in its custody. Instead, tokenization (the creation of an NFT or ABT) is done through an agreement between the client and Aegis Custody Co. Ltd, an affiliated technology company based in Taiwan. This allows Aegis Trust to alleviate the risk of tokenization while maintaining client privacy.

We have a comprehensive policy for validating and approving all of our clients, which includes historical transaction activity on all known accounts and addresses. Aegis Trust technology increases security and the ability to track the origin and destination of assets as they move within a blockchain network.