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From the safety of your custodial wallets, you can make requests to delegate assets to trusted nodes and to stake to smart contracts under a custodial structure.

Powerful, Intuitive

Leveraging our custody solution, clients can stake/delegate through three intuitive methods without the need of compiling codes or running scripts. Everything can be done through the interface, and all actions (e.g. stake, unstake, reward claiming) go through the pre-set multisig approval process associated with the custodial wallet you use for staking.

Validator Nodes

Select trusted validator nodes displayed on screen. All displayed nodes are operated by providers that have completed our due diligence procedure to ensure reliability.

Staking Contracts

Interact directly with a staking contract of any DeFi protocols and start staking by simply importing the contract to our custody solution following the instructions on screen.


Connect your custodial wallet to any Dapp via WalletConnect and start staking. You can connect to any Dapp of your choice and enjoy staking through a custodial approval process.

Stake to Validator Nodes

We have partnered with industry-leading blockchain infrastructure providers to provide reliable, secure validator nodes for clients to easily select and stake assets through our custody solution.


Ether (ETH)


Polkadot (DOT)


Kusama (KSM)


Solana (SOL)


Tron (TRX)


Avalanche (AVAX)


Cosmos (ATOM)


Osmosis (OSMO)


Agoric (BLD)


Axelar (AXL)


Sommelier (SOMM)


Evmos (EVMOS)


Nym Price (NYM)

Interact with Contracts

Import contracts running on any of the protocols listed below and directly interact with the contracts for staking.


Arbitrum (ARB)


Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Ethereum (ETH)


Heco Chain (HECO)


Polygon (MATIC)


Harmony (ONE)


Optimism (OP)


XDai Chain (XDAI)

Stake via WalletConnect

WalletConnect is a convenient and popular open source tool for you to easily connect to decentralized web applications (Dapps), and interact with them from your phone. You can connect your custodial wallet to any Dapp that supports WalletConnect and start staking right away.

A few examples of Dapp that supports WalletConnect:








The Graph

...and many more!

Stake Through Aegis
Enjoy staking through an intuitive, custodial way.