Founded in 2018, AEGIS Custody is a San Francisco fintech company that provides financial institutions with a secure and easy-to-use solution for custody of digital assets.

In 2019, the Company has expanded to Asian and Europen markets with more diverse services in asset management, digitalization (tokenization), trading, and investment.

So far, our team includes professionals from finance, banking, blockchain technology, and various industries. In 2020, the Company is going to establish regional offices in HK, Shanghai, and Singapore, while further implement our solution to more business scenarios, for example, trade financing, real estate investment, and private equity.

Vision & Mission

Aegis is on a mission to open access to financial opportunities and global trade.

Until now, institutions that use digital assets have had to rely on custody tools that were difficult to operate and compromise on security.

Therefore, Aegis Custody provides institutional-grade security through an intuitive combination of cold storage hardware, multisign wallets, and policy-based approvals.


More About Aegis

Business Proposal

This document will briefly show commercial model, blockchain tech implementation, and our business cases.

Our Team

White Paper

We're making crypto assets easy for institutions to invest in by providing flexible cold storage facilities with security controls, multi-signature accounts, and insurance.


Stanford MBA, Goldman Sachs Analyst. Founded Aegis Custody in 2019 with strong connections in HK, Taiwan, China, and the US.

Serra Wei / Founder & CEO of Aegis Custody


Senior manager in Fifth Third Bank & First Premier Bank. More than 20 years in banking and financial sector.

Michael McCarty / President of Aegis Trust


Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Senior developer in Tanius Technology. Experience in product development

Jason Doll / Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


Yoshing / Legal Lead

Tina Chen / PR & Marketing Director

Jack Huan / Business Development Director

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 601 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

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