Qualified Custodian






We safeguard your assets with institutional-grade security and multisig approval operation.

Comprehensive Solution

Our crypto custody system provides security without the expense of costly delays through a unique user multi-signature and policy-based approvals. The system requires the client to initiate a transaction request matched by custodial signatures to execute the transaction. This way we can ensure that no one, not even the client or ourselves, can move the funds alone. The beauty of being a hybrid solution is to provide user friendliness through intuitive web interface while maintaining the security by requiring all operations authenticated with a specific authenticator app installed on the user’s mobile phone. Each user account can only be paired with one app. Aegis as the custodian will bind the apps and accounts with associated hardware authenticators to enhance the security during operations.


Multi Signature Approval

Institutional-Grade Security

MPC Private Key Management

Intuitive Digital Asset Management

Exclusive Authentication App

Regulated Custodian

Insurance Coverage

Professional Customer Support

ISO 27001 Certified

Our custody solution meets the international standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Safeguarded By Custodian

All custodial wallets are monitored by Aegis to comply with regulatory requirements.

Institutional-Grade Security

Multiple encryption algorithms are implemented for security enhancement.

Intuitive and Reliable

Our custody solution ensures user-friendliness and authenticity through web-interface and authenticator app.

NIST-certified Cryptographic Algorithm Validation

Our custody solution meets the requirements set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Multi-Factor Authentication

via login-required web-interface, bio-authenticated mobile app, auto-email notifications, and personal PIN code

Shared Risk and Responsibility Design

Completely separate the key management protection responsibility and the authorisation of operations.

MPC (Multi-Party Computation) Architecture

Private keys are broken up into shares, encrypted, and divided among 3 multiple parties with independent network.

Token Coverage


Native Protocols


Supported Tokens

We cover 4k+ cryptos including a wide range of native coins, stablecoins, NFTs and blockchain-based tokens. Supported currencies are subject to change and more currencies are added to the system on a regular basis. Adding new supported cryptocurrencies is available upon requests.

ERC20 / 721 / 1155

HRC 20

TRC 10 / 20

EOS Tokens

BEP 20

XLM Tokens

SPL Tokens


A strict internal procedure is implemented every time a received request needs approval from the custodian.

Multi Signature Approval

At least 3 staff members are participated in each multisig approval process to comply with regulatory requirements.

Hardware Authenticators

Hardware authenticators are used by Aegis on top of authenticator app for approving requests initiated by clients.

24/7 Global Support

We provide 24/7 support in both English and Mandarin. Each client has a dedicated contact channel to report issues and seek assistance.

1hr Turn Around Operation

We are committed to provide a 1hr turn around operation time on average during US and HK business hours.

We Protect Your Assets
At Aegis, both you and your assets are our top priorities.