Powering the Digital Transformation of Traditional Finance

Aegis Custody is an end-to-end asset custody and digitization solution operating under the same regulatory frameworks as all banks and trust companies.



Our mission is to make all traditional assets digital and investible.

At Aegis Custody, we believe digital assets are the future of finance. By combining regulated fiduciary services with the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology, we are creating the foundations for new, alternative asset classes.


We are the first bi-national digital asset custodian, with regulated fiduciary services in Hong Kong and now the United States.

Our asset custody and digitization services provide new opportunities for both asset owners and investors. Asset owners get access to new liquidity streams, while investors get access to new, alternative markets for portfolio diversification. Our services come with institutional-grade security and are built upon trusted public blockchain networks.


factoring service

We offer a full-course factoring solution, helping you to transform outstanding Accounts Receivable assets into readily available working capital amid a tight credit environment.


We offer the financial industry a custody service solution by using institutional-grade security through an intuitive combination of cold storage hardware, multisign wallets, and policy-based approvals.

investment platform

An investment platform prioritizing liquidity, safety, and  transparency to further unlock assets' value, allowing investors to directly access alternative markets to optimize portfolios.


We are a team of professionals with diverse expertise, in-depth knowledge, and practical experience. We have experts from different fields to provide the most suitable and reliable service for you.

Serra Wei

CEO of AegisCo Limited Director of TCSP and Aegis Trust

Stanford MBA, Goldman Sachs alumna, angel investor with an investment background in and love for technology

Michael McCarty


20+ years in Banking, Wealth Management and Trust as Senior Vice President and Principal Securities Supervisor for Regional and International Financial Institutions

Tina Chiang

Director of AegisCo Limited

Formerly the Chief Digital & Technology Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of SinoPac Holdings, President of Bank SinoPac, and Senior Vice President & China General Manager of MasterCard International

Mark Guderson

CCO, Trust & Custody

6 years at HSBC, 14 years at Citi Group, Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager, senior compliance risk officer

Nadia Chen

Director (HK)

30+ years in bank industry, ACAMS Taiwan Chapter board member, Former Country Executive, MD, and Client Manager of BNY Mellon Taipei Branch

Richard Kao


Former President of KGI Investment Trust, Former Chief Investment Officer of First Securities Investment Trust, Former Chief Investment Officer of PineBridge Investment, NTU MBA

Dave Timpe

Director (SD)

CPA, retired as partner from a large regional CPA firm after thirty-seven years of serving clients. His guiding principle while at the CPA firm and now while on various Boards is to treat the organization as if he is the sole owner. He resides in SD but winters in AZ

Carl Wegner

Director (SD)

Contour CEO, R3 Managing Director for Asia, Georgetown University B.S., Managing Director of Greater China of Deutsche Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank in Taiwan, Head of Asia for GTNexus


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