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Aegis Prime




Guardian of
Your Digital Assets

We are a fully-licensed and insured digital asset custodian that provides secure, institutional-grade, proprietary, integrated custodial blockchain solutions.

Why Choose Aegis?

Built with user-friendliness and flexibility in mind, we provide user-centric custody experience that can be customised based on clients’ needs leveraging our hybrid and hardware custody solutions. The combination of our custody solutions’ flexibility and security makes Aegis a robust and reliable custodial partner.


Custody solutions with built-in regulatory requirements


4,000+ token coverage and robust staking pipeline

Fast Response

Committed to 24/7 support and 1hr turn around operation


Customizable configurations based on clients' requests


Institutional-grade, comprehensive custodial services catering all your regulatory needs.


Coverage of 4K+ cryptos including a wide range of native coins, stablecoins, NFTs and blockchain-based tokens

Staking & Liquid Staking

Seamless, effortless staking through our platform without the need to compile codes and run scripts

DeFi Governance

Regulated custodian governing your DeFi protocols through multisig approval mechanism

Wallet Integration

API controllable wallet management system ready to be integrated with your platform/product

NFT Marketplace

Fully customizable white label solution for building a custodial NFT marketplace

Fiat ↔︎ Crypto

OTC and automated fiat on/off ramping services under a custodial structure

Asset Digitization

Digital certificate creations representing your assets and acting as proof of ownership recorded on the blockchain


KYC and AML screenings on received data to comply with regulatory requirements

Your assets are safe with Aegis.
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