We're making crypto easy for institutions to invest in. 

Cold storage facilities, with security controls, multi-signature accounts, and insurance. 

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Finally, a cryptocurrency custody solution built around institutional needs. 

Distributed and tiered key management policy system

We set up a distributed and tiered key management policy system set up across your organization. We help you set up policies to ensure crypto never leaves without your consent. 

Multiple users within your organization can transact. We also set up a whitelist with you so only pre-approved recipients can transact. 

Multi-sig access + security

Storage Facilities  


... of funds kept in highly-secure, cold storage air-gapped facilities to ensure your crypto keys are safe and secure, even in times of disaster. 


... of funds kept in warm storage to ensure access to liquidity. 

Accepting several currencies with more on the way

We currently accept several of the most commonly-used cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. 

Crypto Designed Around Institutional Needs


We take a pro-active stance engaging with regulators. KYC and AML monitoring is done by our side to ensure we are compliant with financial regulatory regimes where we transact. 

Key Recovery

Key management can be tricky in the crypto space. We have easy and established procedures to recover lost or stolen keys to ensure your access to crypto assets is reliable and secure. 

Node Monitoring

We persistently monitor blockchain nodes. This ensures transactions are conducted efficiently and smoothly. 


Easy mark-to-market and reporting formats are built-in to our platform solution. And we're constantly refining our solution to ensure our reports match your reporting needs.

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