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DeFi Governance

We govern and regulate your DeFi protocols through participating in the required multisig approval mechanism.


Many blockchain protocols rely on community governance mechanisms to shape its direction and to approve certain configurations. Implementation of multisig approval process ensures the transparency of permission controls and to prevent unauthorized actions affecting the protocols. Having a regulated custodian participated in the process can enhance credibility and reassurance of your protocol, and make sure that the protocol is monitored under a custodial structure.


Participations are on-chain with public records. Permission controls are transparent and auditable.

Internal Multisig

Internal multisig approval is implemented to ensure no single individual at Aegis has full control of an address used for governance.

Ready-To-Go Participation

Add Aegis to your protocol by simple configurations without the need to compile additional codes.

Use Case Example

Aegis governs Ovault, a DeFi yield optimizer built for institutions, to ensure only whitelisted investors are allowed to participate in the protocol and that regulatory requirements are met.

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All participants need to meet the due diligence criteria set by Aegis


Only participants added to whitelist by Aegis can participate in the protocol


All cash-flows in and out of Ovault are smart contract driven, but requires approval

Deposit & Withdrawal

All deposit and withdrawal requests need to be approved and executed by Aegis

Need Governance?
Let Aegis govern your DeFi protocol.