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Asset Digitization

Create digital representations of your assets under a custodial structure without technical knowledge required.

What Is Asset Digitization?

Asset digitization is the process of representing the ownership of real-world assets, such as artwork and accounts receivables, as digital tokens stored on blockchain. We create new asset management and financing opportunities by allowing asset owners to create digital representations of any asset, physical or digital, they hold. In the form of tokens, the real-world assets can then benefit from the below advantages:

Faster Access to Liquidity

Efficient & Effective Asset Management

Minimal Bureaucracy & Zero Paperwork

Permanent Data Storage

Frictionless Trading & Ownership Transfer

Transparent Record of All Transactions

Why Digitize Your Assets?

Moving physical or illiquid assets around the current financial system is expensive and inefficient. Manual tasks, paperwork, and a variety of intermediaries make the process cumbersome and error prone.

Aegis’ automated asset digitization service alleviates the documentation and human resource requirements traditionally associated with managing physical assets by leveraging blockchain technology to make asset management automated, efficient, and cost-effective.

Automated Process

Transparency & Efficiency

Cost-effective Service

Use Case

Leverage asset digitization with limitless use cases to match your needs!

Liquid Staking

Issue a derivative or liquid representation of the staked asset to be used somewhere else or to be staked elsewhere.

NFT Issuance

Embed the information of your assets in the to-be-issued tokens to create digital representation and to unlock liquidity.

Real World Assets

Create digital representations of your physical assets for it to be traded in the virtual world with all transactions recorded on-chain.

Data Storage

Store valuable data within tokens for permanent data storage and management leveraging the properties of blockchain network.


Represent your collectable debts as digital representations for faster liquidity and frictionless ownership transfers.


Generate multiple digital certificates to represent the shares of ownership of your NFT and transfer ownership frictionlessly.

One-Stop Solution
  • Achieve token issuance and digital asset management without the need for technical knowledge.
  • Collateral and assets are held in Aegis’ custodial accounts on behalf of our clients.
  • Beneficial interests in the custodial accounts are digitally represented and recorded on blockchain.
  • Digital beneficial interests represent the underlying collateral or assets and utilize a blockchain distributed ledger to account for ownership, purchases, sales, and transfers.


The process of representing the ownership of an asset as digital tokens stored on blockchain.


Issue NFT containing metadata as a proof of asset, and issue multiple digital certificates representing the ownership of the issued asset.


Data is encrypted and stored in distributed IPFS network to ensure immutability and permanency.


Our digitization process embeds multiple digital signatures for verifying the authenticity of the issued assets.


Create new asset management and financing opportunities by creating digital representations of any asset, physical or digital, you hold.


Experience frictionless ownership transferring mechanism that can be viewed on blockchain.

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