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Aegis Trust Offers Seamless and Integrated Digital Asset Custody Services for Asset Managers to Safeguard Client Investments

The recent FTX collapse turned the digital asset industry upside down, with more than one million investors negatively impacted and $8 billion in client assets lost. This monumental event has shed light on the negative repercussions of the mismanagement of digital funds, and underscores the importance of institutional-grade digital asset management and crypto custody services amidst a climate of public distrust and scrutiny.

Today, the top priority is to protect clients’ assets, and Aegis Trust is here to assist. We are committed to operating with integrity, and avoiding the unscrupulous business practices that have damaged customer trust within the digital asset industry.

As one of the few digital asset qualified custodians in the U.S., Aegis Trust excels at protecting its clients’ assets. Not only do we utilize tried and tested regulatory frameworks from the U.S. financial system, but having a Public Trust Company Charter in South Dakota means we must adhere to strict requirements that uphold our company to the highest standards.

Aegis brings tremendous value to digital asset managers by offering a seamless and integrated end to end solution for comprehensive custody and digital asset services. Taking a client-centric approach, our strictly enforced security and governance practices are designed to protect our clients’ digital assets while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Operating under the intrinsic value of transparency as Aegis custodial wallets are on-chain, segregated wallets, we allow our clients to independently verify their assets on the blockchain at any time. Further, Aegis’ enforcement of multiparty approvals, MPC private key management, KYC/KYB screening processes and strict approval policies overseen by the compliance team prevent unauthorized users, including insiders, from making unsanctioned digital asset account changes. In addition, physical controls, including the use of hardware authenticators eliminate the risk of remote hacks.

Collaborating with leading industry partners such as Coinbase Cloud and Figment, clients can gain the benefits of staking on proof of stake (POS) networks while still enjoying the institutional-grade security of Aegis Trust and eliminating the risk of holding their assets on an exchange. Aegis’ on ramps solution makes the often challenging process of getting fiat currencies into digital assets both smooth and seamless. In addition, our solution offers market-leading execution services, fully integrated crypto to crypto execution services, removing the need for multiple complex system integrations.

Aegis further protects clients’ digital assets by offering specie insurance provided by market-leading global specialty (re)insurer, Canopius, via Lloyd’s of London, one of the pioneering coverage for all types of tokenized assets and NFTs held by institutional investors, hedge funds and exchanges. This addition of NFTs provides an additional layer of protection that other custodial services do not possess.

Aegis strives to bring value, support and commitment to digital asset managers by going above and beyond with its institutional-grade custody and digital asset services. We welcome asset managers to get in touch to find out how Aegis stands out from the rest, and learn how Aegis can ensure its clients assets are protected.