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Asset Tokenization

As the new forms of digital assets appear, institutions need a better way to store and manage their encrypted assets. Therefore, Aegis also builds its proprietary asset tokenization platform, which integrated into its custodial solution and smart contract-driven technology. To be further specified, once the qualified assets have been tokenized, the specialized & unique “token” shall be deposited in an established custodial account with the appointed beneficiary.

After that, such asset-backed token (ABT), as well as the ABT system, should follow the programmable rules and automatic process to execute its attached rights and obligations (for example, collect interests/dividends for the token owners). Aegis custodial & ABT solution can prevent any misdirection or potential influence outside of the owner and their custodian. Indeed, consumer confidence and convenience are paramount to a satisfactory experience for both buyer and seller and this process helps establish that.

In summary, Aegis Custody Company offers custodial, holding, clearing, and settlement services for its customers for both assets held on a digital ledger and fiat assets. As a function of the tokenization process, Aegis Custody will secure any type of asset used as collateral or the basis of value within an account for the benefit of the owner. This secures the interest of both the buyer and seller during a variety of transaction types.

ABT Platform

Following the necessary KYC, AML, and due diligence, the asset-backed token is now ready for institutional investors to strengthen their portfolio. 

Aegis ABT platform provides various tokens, as well as their underlying assets, to the capital market. Such as account payable/receivable, real estate investment fund, private equity, convertible bond, corporate bond, etc.  

By presenting information in a simple and friendly style, the Aegis ABT platform enables different users to easily understand transaction contents and events at a glance.

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