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Real Estate Investment Funds (REITs)

The purpose of REITs is to provide lower risk and dividend yielding investments. Indeed, the application of security tokenization gives extra liquidity to real estate projects, as well as  allows access to a broader range of people who can participate in asset ownership.

Account Receivable (AR) Financing

More and more banks have tried to implement tokenization technology into their receivables business, including secure information layer that protects data, verification of invoice or payment. Aegis system is designed to automate the accounts receivable (AR) financing process.

Private Equity (PE) & Pre-IPO Financing

The investors and managers of the PE fund typically receive a share in the fund’s profits. Under Aegis tokenization model, the entrepreneur is easier to approach to capital market, while the investors can have higher accessibility to global projects with better portfolio management.

Our Clients

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Fundament RE Germany GmbH

Fundament Group, a German based company, is looking to tokenize real-estate (€250 Million Bond) within the European nation. Aegis is acting as one of its global partners.

Why Asset-backed Token (ABT)

10% of Global GDP can be tokenized in the near future - World Economic Forum

Transaction can be more cost-efficient and transparent

Smart contract-driven platform builds trust among users

Scalable business and trillions ABT opportunities

Higher liquidity for global assets and capitals



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